Big batch mac n cheese

Homemade Baked Macaroni and Cheese

The first time I made it, I added it to the Mac already in the tin pan, baked it but it was a little watery. The second time I made it, I omitted the milk, the Mac came out ok but a little dry.

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Please clarify so this dish can come out perfect. Thank you! The 2 cups of milk are mentioned in the paragraph with "Add this cheese sauce to the cooked macaroni and mix well to coat macaroni. I just made for a party and oh my goodness it was a hit!!! I added 2 tsp of ground mustard and 8 dashes of Worcestershire sauce. Other than that, followed the recipe.

Everyone raved about it and had multiple servings. I cut the recipe in half for a party.

Everyone loved it. Probably could have even made the full recipe and everyone would have eaten it right up. Very easy to make too and make ahead of time. Mac and cheese typically freezes fairly well. We haven't tried it with this recipe so my recommendation would be to make a small batch of it and freeze it for a few days as a trial run.

That way you can make any adjustments to the larger batch if needed. I haven't tried this yet, just want to note that I have always had trouble getting Colby to melt, even when I shred it myself. I will be using cheddar only. Made this for a rehearsal dinner. Got rave reviews. I'll definitely do this again. I did add an extra pound of cheddar though. I loved the recipe.

I used a large microwave safe mixing bowl to melt cheese and butter. When I added the Rhee, I put a little of the melted cheese in the Rhee and mixed it.

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I did this several times and then added this to the large bowl of melted cheese. Worked great. Thanks for the recipe. This is a great workhorse recipe for a crowd.

Ultra Creamy Baked Mac and Cheese

Adults and children both approved! My tips: follow the directions, don't get in a hurry with the roux; do not use pre-shredded cheese; add a couple teaspoons of dry mustard and a little worcester sauce for more flavor; you can prepare the dish ahead of time to bake later; add milk if you must reheat after the initial baking; you can substitute almost any soft cheese for the Colby, but I recommend always keeping the sharp cheddar base. I could not get the cheese to melt properly, ended up with very thick gooey clump of cheese.

I don't know what went wrong , I did follow the recipe. The cheese wouldn't melt? Did you use pre-shredded? If so, that could be why. The pre-shredded kind contains a ton of starch that actually prohibits melting. Otherwise, freshly grated cheese should have melted just fine. Need urgent response to make it for a party tomorrow. Sorry, I don't have that information for this recipe but maybe someone else who has made it will chime in. I was portioning this for 30 servings to match my pan and what I had on-hand and noted that while the ingredients list re-calculated, the text in the directions did not re-calculate for the MILK portions.

It left it as 8 and 2 cups as in the 50 portion recipe. When you change serving sizes a message is shown to indicate that you need to manually adjust for any changes to amounts in the directions. Very flat, and not very creamy or cheesy at all. I followed the recipe portions, adding only 1 tsp mustard. It was just OK. Thank you for your fast response.

Macaroni & Cheese For A Crowd

The recipe was for a crowd of 30 so would you be able to tell me the measurements now for the macaroni and cheese for a larger crowd. Could you please tell me how to interpret these measurements? Sounds like you changed the serving size to a number that doesn't divide easily. You can usually cut a recipe in half, but once you start changing the ratios outside of that it gets kind of messy. This recipe is meant to serve a large group. If you need a smaller quantity recipe for mac and cheese we have tons of others that you don't need to scale down.

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  • Can this be made in a roaster to take to outdoor gathering? The park shelter does have electricity so I can keep it warm. Just don't know if I should make ahead of time and transfer to roaster to stay warm or if I can cook it n the roaster. Thanks for any help! Can this be made the day before and held in a fridge to heat and serve later? Thinking about making this for a wedding reception.


    Definitely feeds 50 people. I used two large "throw away" tin pans and it fit perfectly. More crumbs are needed if using panko, just adjust as needed. I made roux and then added milk and cheese to the roux two cups of each at a time. Next time I will use one more pound of a sharp flavor cheese to make it cheesier. Needed two large pots to boil pasta and two large strainers, glad I had them available.

    Good recipe! One of the other commenters stated that they made four batches and each batch fit into a 4" deep catering pan - which is about inches x inches. I prepared a double batch of this for a fellowship meal after church. People raved about it, and came back for seconds and thirds! One woman said she had not had mac and cheese like that since her grandmother had made it for her over 70 years ago! Easy to fix - I used 5 pounds of sharp cheddar as well, and 1 teaspoon of dry mustard. Easy to fix, great taste!

    Thinking of making this to serve after parade.

    How well does this hold in a cooler for hours? Id' slightly undercook the pasta. I made this recipe tonight at a homeless shelter, after being provided the recipe and the ingredients,for the first time, and it was a huge success! I had my doubts at first, since I have never made macaroni and cheese with roux before, and it looked rough during the mixing stage, but we got rave reviews on it!

    Baked Macaroni and Cheese

    I am now planning on making it for Thanksgiving for a boys' program. Awesome recipe! This was a huge hit on a cold day with our marching band. We made 4 batches. Each batch filled one full-size, 4" deep catering pan. For hungry high school kids, plan on 40 people per batch including seconds. We used a 1 cup measure for serving. I made a few changes to the recipe.

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