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Depending on your cell phone service provider, international roaming rates can really jack up your bill. So you will want to research what it will cost you to use your phone in the country you are going. Some may also have add-on plans for the country you are visiting.

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Others will heavily penalize any data usage abroad, so much so that you may want to restrict data and cellular use entirely, and just hit up Wi-Fi when you can. Put it into Airplane mode and only turn on your Wi-Fi alone when you need it. This will make roaming charges impossible. This is a good option if you are going to a place with constant Wi-Fi.

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However, if you are going to be traveling in a place with spotty Wi-Fi, or you need constant access to a phone line, apart from Skype and Google Voice, then you should look into getting a local SIM card and plan. Getting a SIM card when abroad first requires you to call your cell phone company and ask them to unlock your iPhone.

Know your rights, as laws have been passed to ensure fair play with unlocking. Once your iPhone is unlocked, you can get a local SIM in the country you are visiting with a local number and all the cheap rates that come with that.

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This gives you all the abilities you would have at home, including cellular data and phone calls for local prices, but with a different local number. Don't forget that you will also probably need to clip the sim card down to the right size for your iPhone, so be sure to know what size SIM card your iPhone takes. Here's a quick reference guide:. Obtaining a local SIM for your iPhone is an easy process for the most part. Companies are eager to sell to tourists and they make it convenient to get at most corner stores. They are small and easy to lose.

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Once you have the card you need to usually put some credit on it then you will have convenient and affordable cellular data and phone calls, just like a local. Since you are likely purchasing as needed credit at this point, be sure to turn off anything that eats up unneccessary cellular data. All of those things can be done on free Wi-Fi. Battery Backup: So now your iPhone is unlocked, ready for a local SIM, cellular data suckers have been trimmed, you have all the right plugs and adapters. What iPhone travel accessories should I pack? Having learned the hard way, number one on that list must be a battery backup.

That is why portable battery back-ups are a life saver.

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These iPhone battery backups come in all shapes and sizes, so pick one that meets your needs. They can get a little heavy if you get a higher mAh capacity, but the tradeoff is you can go longer without needing an outlet. Usually, an iPad charge lasts you for quite a while in between charges, so I would recommend using a battery charger just for your iPhone.

Then, every charging session you can charge the iPhone battery and the battery back-up and that gives you days in between needing a wall outlet. Next on the list, is a carrying case that matches your trips needs.

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    Should I plug my MacBook Pro into a surge protector?

    Thank you for shopping We Love Macs! You must enable Javascript to see the advanced sorting and paging features of this store. On sale Now! What kind of iPod do I have? How do I replace my KeyBoard once I get it? June July Surge protector always, and for all of my main electronic stuff, a good one that constantly monitors the power is worth the investment. Try my custom Mac Forums Search Engine: Mac Forums Google Search. I use the wall. If there's a thunderstorm on the way I unplug it and run on battery.

    I use an APC UPS for all my computer needs and it gives me almost an hour if I loose power providing the provider has their system on batteries or generator. There really isn't a reason to when there isn't a storm coming or something like that. And if a storm is coming, just run on the battery. Here's what I have been told, although it's just hearsay The typical notebook setup is such that the notebook runs off the battery.

    Do you plug your power adapter into the wall or a surge protector? | Mac Forums

    Even when plugged in, the adaptor is continuously charging the battery, not powering the machine. This design affords notebooks with halfway decent protection against surges, as the adaptor is not directly connected to sensitive components. It makes sense to me. That being said though, mine is plugged into a surge protector at home.

    But I don't worry about it when traveling. U can run a laptop without having a battery in granted its plugged in Originally Posted by Jaygray.

    mac power cord surge protector Mac power cord surge protector
    mac power cord surge protector Mac power cord surge protector
    mac power cord surge protector Mac power cord surge protector
    mac power cord surge protector Mac power cord surge protector
    mac power cord surge protector Mac power cord surge protector

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