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How much this change will affect multi-core performance? Will the new Mac minis be slower than the old Mac minis?

Apple Mac Mini 2012 Speed Test - Benchmarks, Stress Test, Geekbench

Unfortunately there are no Geekbench results for the new Mac minis in the Geekbench Browser to help us answer this question. Instead, I estimated the new Mac minis' scores by using data from other systems with the same processor.

iMac 15,1 and Mac mini 7,1 visits Geekbench, this is what they got - Gizmobic

Here are the estimated scores for the "Late " Mac minis alongside the actual scores for the "Late " Mac minis:. This increase is in line with what we saw when other Macs models moved from Ivy Bridge to Haswell processors. Unlike single-core performance multi-core performance has decreased significantly. So why did Apple switch to dual-core processors in the "Late " lineup?

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The only technical reason I can think of is that the Haswell dual-core processors use one socket that is, the physical interface between the processor and the logic board while the Haswell quad-core processors use different sockets:. Apple would have to design and build two separate logic boards to accommodate both dual-core and quad-core processors. If you want to invest in a Mac mini that meets the minimum Pro Tools spec then that would be 3.

Our advice is to invest in the 6 core model and also increase both memory and storage as much as you can afford from the outset as Apple have made upgrading components nigh on impossible.. One area the Mac Pro Late improves on is the dedicated dual graphics cards.

Apple Mac mini (2018) Review: This Little Mac Is Awesome

Also the new Mac mini sports much newer technology that the Mac Pro Late What you also have to consider with both machines is that if you run any PCIe cards you will need a Thunderbolt Chassis to house these, thankfully these have dropped in price considerably costing just a few hundred pounds now. Check out the Sonnet website for options. We are getting feedback from Pro Tools users who have already invested, you can see them in the comments below; here are some highlights.

Being a student late bloomer at 34 years young I was able to get a discount on my Apple order. It can handle any session that I throw at it. Whether it be tracking or editing or mixing.

Who is the Mac mini for?

But as with all things Apple, spend the extra money and get a large enough internal storage so you're not constantly battling space on your OS drive. I no longer have to freeze tracks, which I was doing constantly on the Mac Pro cheese-grater.

Mac mini (Late 2012) Benchmarks

Avid has stated that there are known CPU performance issues when working at lower buffer sizes. Watch out for a the full story of how Simon Nakra went from a Mac Pro cheese-grater to a Mac mini in an upcoming article.

source link As you can see from various reviews from respected websites and benchmarks, the Mac mini has come of age, with Apple taking it from an entry level desktop to a mighty little atom when upgraded. Are you using the new Mac mini for Pro Tools? If so then we would love to hear your reports on performance.

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Mac mini Mac Pro Late Specification 3.

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