Mac vs pc for architecture students

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The MacBook Pro has a 2. I'm an architecture student and I've been using a 17in MacBook Pro for the past five years. It's on its last legs, and I want to use Windows as my operating system because some of the programs I use are made exclusively for Windows. I need a lot of space, memory, a good graphics card and something that doesn't weigh a lot.

I've been investigating Samsung, Dell and Sony. The cheapest option is not necessarily the best. Kate C. The 17in MacBook Pro from around was a bit of a monster, weighing over 3kg, and Apple no longer does this screen size. Usually, 17in screens are used in laptops designed to replace desktops, rather than carrieds around.

Choosing a Either way, the 17in MacBook Pro had a screen resolution of x pixels, so even a good 13in Ultrabook like the Zenbook UX31A x pixels would beat that. It's usually a good idea to consult your university for advice on systems, but in your case, you already know which software you need to run. However, you have a trickier, technical question: do any of your important programs works best with Quadro graphics cards?

These are similar in hardware terms, but aimed at different markets. Gamers value speed frame rate , so if rendering is taking a long time, they want the graphics card to drop it and move on to the next frame. Architects and designers value detail and precision, so they usually want their graphics card to render things completely, even if it takes longer.

Naturally, this comes at a significantly higher price. Buying a portable with Quadro graphics moves you out of the consumer laptop market and into the workstation business. Dell has a Precision Workstation Advisor to help you choose. A key phrase when buying this kind of system is "ISV Certified". Professional workstations are usually designed for power and robustness rather than mobility.

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There is at least one model that's different: the Dell Precision M It packs workstation components such as a fourth-generation Core i7, UltraSharp x pixel multitouch screen and Quadro graphics into a very sleek and comparatively light 2kg package. I expect there will be a long queue for the M when it arrives, unless HP comes up with something as good or better. Another exceptional workstation is the HP Z1 all-in-one. Most all-in-ones are aimed at consumers, but HP's claim for the Z1 is that you get the power without the tower.

The spec includes a 27in, x pixel screen, a choice of Core iX and Intel Xeon processors, up to 32GB of memory, and a wide choice of graphics cards. Also unlike most all-in-ones, the HP Z1 is designed to be opened and upgraded very easily. The Z1 would give you all the screen space, power and graphics capabilities you need, while a Windows 8 hybrid would give you an ultraportable laptop plus tablet functionality plus digitizing pen sketching and note-taking features.

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Whatever you choose, it shouldn't be hard to find something faster, lighter and much cheaper than your 5-year-old MacBook Pro. If yours has an Intel Core 2 Duo T processor, that's roughly the equivalent of today's Intel Pentium B, so most recent Core i5 chips should outperform it.

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How to Choose a PC for Architecture 2019

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I'm hoping to get in to architect studies after this summer as a first grader, but Im not sure what operating system most architect students use. I currently have a Macbook Pro laptop and a massive Windows based desktop at home - but I want a iPad pro the big one for sketching and writing notes.

Would it be fine with the tablet for school work, and then go back home to my desktop to do heavier CAD work etc? Any feedback is muuuch appruchited. NOTE: I'm sorry if some of this thread is unclear or badly written. Yeah, but is it a deal breaker if my PC is at home - and I have a tablet for notes and sketches etc on school? Or is it alot of CAD work on school aswell? I go to a school that emphasizes hand drawing and work but everyone still brings their laptop to studio.

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Your laptop is just as important a tool as your sketchbook and is argue that despite the move to BIM, Autocad is still widely and heavily used. Basically, your laptop or desktop are important and you should choose a good enough computer to run the software without issue.

What is the best mac laptop for architecture student as we always do 3D? would macbook be fine?

If your school has a computer lab, that resource is invaluable. I find that staying on campus for as long as possible is the best way to learn. Alright, cheers. As I said - I havnt been accepted to any architecture school yet , but I guess I'll just stick with my Late Macbook Pro and install Windows onto it. Should be powerful enough for CAD I guess :. I used a laptop I bought in thru my schooling.

And I still use it to this day when I work from home! Just use paper and save yourself a lot of money. The iPad Pro has the best stylus around but you're still better off doing it analogue. Pretty much everyone used a laptop to do their computer work so that they could work on it in studio and then take it with them. Wow, thanks alot for all the info! You've sure helped me out.

Absolutely, the iPad Pro it's a powerful device, but in my opinion it's limited by the apps, the apps at this moment don't have all the possibilities and tools that the desktop apps, and this limitation it's a problem for me. Don't have the same tools and the app version of them majority of architecture apps are lite versions, viewers and very limited in edition tools. Maybe in a few time we will see apps with the same tools and possibilities that the desktop apps. My better half graphic designer swears by his Surface Pro. He says its screen is the best drawing surface he's ever used, and the fact that it's got Windows on it means you could run CAD on it as well - never underestimate the value of being able to carry your work and tools with you.

A laptop is absolutely essential. Being able to make a model at school with your 3d model next to you, is better than having a tablet to doodle on. You should forego the iPad and just use a bit of paper instead, it will be much less limiting if you're using it to sketch and take notes.

mac vs pc for architecture students Mac vs pc for architecture students
mac vs pc for architecture students Mac vs pc for architecture students
mac vs pc for architecture students Mac vs pc for architecture students
mac vs pc for architecture students Mac vs pc for architecture students
mac vs pc for architecture students Mac vs pc for architecture students

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