Mac sound not working internal speakers

No sound on Mac? Check these things first

Perhaps others can verify or advise? When I vo down arrow I stop hearing voiceover. The thing is that a wrong device is already selected and vo is already quiet. Is there a way of writting by hand the device or something like?

I have another user setup and for this one vo works perfectly but it's a guest. If I can reset it via this other user or by a different way let me know. Have you tried going in to voiceover utility and going to sound then fixing it that way. How could I goto vo menu having no speech to guide me? I suspect this thing happens to folks more than I think and apparently we have no solution. Something very alike happens on windows when for some reason the volume was muted.

Their solution was to develop a software that automatically restored the volume to standard settings and I think for this issue I could write a little software to restore the device to the standard one so every time vo looses its speech we would need to issue a command and that would back to normal. Now to the actual issue: I have had it happened too. The only way I got back my speech is I had to use a Braille display to get any output from the computer. When you navigate the table of output devices and encouter a device, which the computer is unable to connect to E.

G a bluetooth device, which is not in range, it pops up a dialog on the screen telling unable to connect to the device blablabla. Now, pressing the topp to the list command obviously doesn't work because the dialog is on the way.

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By guessing, you could press the bottom command, what would send VO focus to the OK button and press VO space, which would make the dialog go away, but I am not shure if the focus after that is set back to the table. Here's what you could do: 1. Vo right once, interact. VO right 5 times, press VO space 5.

Fixing a MacBook Stuck on Mute

Arrow down once,, press Vo space. VO right 4 times and press VO space. This should be the sequense to set VoiceOver sounds to built in speakers. At least it is so on my mac book running mavericks. I hope it helped, if not, just try this again or we could try to figure out something else. Search the schematic for audio, familiarize yourself with where the coronets are on the. The start testing, the measurements that you should have will be relevant to what power rail the audio circuit is on. I have the same problem with my macbook pro retina '15 and still don't know how to fix this problem, can anybody help me?

This just happened to me with my newly acquired older macbook, which i have been loving btw, and after a little researching and seeing about the toothpick I first decided to plug in something external to the headphone jack again less toxic and potential damaging Show 11 more comments. Sent it in for repair but, after a few hours work, they still couldn't find which component was faulty. I fixed my MacBook Air without sound hardware test was negative for problems by opening it up, unplugging and plugging the left and right speaker cables from the motherboard.

This was done following iFixit's speaker repair steps as reference. I guess they became loose over time.

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Jan-Wolter Smit. January 22 by aegorov March 4 by Radit P. Reece reecee. Check around the bottom right area of the logic board, to see if anything looks burnt. Beyond this, it would need logic board diagnostics and repair, so I would highly suggest sending it to a company who does this, otherwise you will most likely waste time and money on the tools required. If that's the case, is there anything that can be done in future to avoid this from happening? I come across ones all the time where this causes a problem with the Mac, especially with powered USB hubs, since they do not usually have an inbuilt protection circuit, to prevent issues like this occurring.

Yes, that's the right area.

Fix Audio & Sound Issues on your Mac | OS X Tips

The Cirrus chip is for the main audio functionality. Feel this area to see if the chip or anything else gets hot, indicating it is shorted to ground. Cirrus chip is very hot when computer is running - to the point of coming close to burning my finger if I hold it on there for 5secs. Is that normal?

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In fact, U is even hotter - can't touch for a second without burning myself. I take it that's not normal!?

Both not normal, either the chip is internally shorted to ground or a component is shorted, then shorting a pin of the chip. Measure the continuity to ground of the pins of the chips, check on schematic whether the pins should be ground or not. Then remove the chip and check the pads to see if the short is gone. If it is, replace the chip and it should be resolved. If the short is not gone, systematically remove the components with a path to ground on the shorted line until you find the short.

Show 6 more comments. I had similar problem with my MBP A Sound is back. Walker Young walkeryoung. Put all of your information on a thumb drive and do a factory rest and then do a hard shut down and if not please Inform me. I've already tried booting a different OS ASD software OS diagnostics , and tried booting into safe mode, and tried creating a new user account -- none of which cause the sound to come back.

Sounds like you might have damaged the headphone connector. The mac detects if a plug is in the jack and disables the internal speakers if it thinks one is in there. I had a system where the tip of the headphone jack broke off in the connector. It took a bit of work to get the tip out.

Nothing is listed under either Output or Input.

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  5. Yes it would. If that were the problem it would think a headphone was plugged in and display that in the control panel. If it says internal speakers, that is not it. Hope you find the problem. Good Luck. When I don't have headphones plugged in, my system says "Internal Speakers" under Output. As yours shows nothing, you have something more serious going on. August 20 by skipperto. En primera instancia pense de los altavoces sin embargo en el hardware me reconoce las bocinas internas incluso si conecto un auricular me lo reconoce pero este no suena.

    Abin Jo Abraham. I have got the same problem with my mac book pro 13". I have done an SMC reset and everything back to normal again. Alex Golovin. I've shut down the machine in a different ways and then Internal Speakers Type: Build in appears in Sound settings and everything works fine for me. I just got an email from the service centre today. I have heard everybody telling me to get a Mac for video editting, so finally I did and this Is what happened after using jack plug with my Spectrum DX7 transmitter for simulator on Liftoff "Drone simulator" to get some stick training for RC drone racing.

    So I guess this was my first and last MacBook!! I have the same problem. Under Output it lists Airplay as available but volume icon is greyed out. I reseated the internal speaker cable. I connected headphones to it but didn't trigger anything. Posted: January I had exactly the same problem.

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