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This new command summons a dialog box that automatically selects the in-focus parts of an image. It does a great job if the photo has a strong focal point and a blurry background, and the dialog box includes a couple of sliders and brushes that you can use to fine-tune the selection.

You can also send the selection straight over to the Refine Edge dialog box for more tweaking. Better color blending with content-aware tools. These days, instead of having adaptation presets for the Patch and Content-Aware Move tools, you get a Structure and a Color field that let you enter precise settings for more realistic blending.

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Editable scripted patterns. You can apply scripted patterns to paths, too, as well as save your customizations as handy presets that you can use again later. Perspective warp.

This command lets you change the perspective of an image, but only in certain areas that you specify. By drawing a grid atop your image, you can warp that area to make stuff like buildings and flat surfaces look correct in other words, straight instead of angled.

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And you can now edit the masks made by both filters by using a brush. Export web graphics with Generator. You can now print 3D objects on a local 3D printer or send your file off to a 3D-printing service from inside Photoshop.

Issue: Creative Cloud 2014 digital video applications aren't supported on Mac OS 10.7.

The print preview that you get is incredible and even shows you the areas Photoshop filled in to make the object solid enough to print. If you go the printing-service route, the preview even estimates how much the project will cost. The Oil Paint filter also went the way of the dodo bird in this version due to outdated code easy come, easy go! Dude, what the heck happened to Photoshop CS7?

FlightCheck v7.5 for Mac with Adobe CC 2014 support

Great question. After CS6, Adobe decided to stop shipping boxed, perpetually licensed versions of their products. These days, your only option is to subscribe to—and then download—the software. These prices may change, of course, so check with Adobe for current pricing. Whichever option you choose, you simply subscribe, and then download the software to your machine using the Creative Cloud application.

For example, you can designate a folder on your hard drive, and then any items you put into it automatically sync to the Creative Cloud.

With larger updates, such as the Photoshop CC update, you install a whole new copy of the program. However, if your workflow depends on a feature that was changed or removed, you may want to keep it around.

InDesign CC 2014 review: Better e-book tools, easier workflows

The biggest improvements in InDesign CC involve creating ePub files—digital publications in the open. Almost all current ePub books are reflowable , which allows the reader to change the font size and style, background color, and other characteristics to optimize the viewing experience on any device. The ePub Export dialog box for Fixed Layout ePubs includes a Spread Control popup menu that intelligently separates side-by-side page spreads. According to Adobe, these improvements are possible because their engineers spent the past few years teaching InDesign how to reassemble its pages in HTML format, the underlying format of ePub.

To help ePub producers, Adobe also streamlined the ePub export dialog to be similar to the PDF export dialog, and added additional Metadata fields. And since every ePub producer needs to test their ePubs across various readers, you can now immediately view the exported ePub file in any combination of ePub reader apps installed on your computer.

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The new ePub Export dialog is simpler and lets you view your exported ePub in any combination of ePub reader apps. With this release, Adobe has addressed a number of pain points for professional designers. For example, moving a row or column in a table is now as simple as pointing, clicking and dragging it to a new location.

Color swatches can now be grouped into folders in the Swatches panel, and when using Adobe Kuler to generate a color set from an image or to grab a pre-made set, those new colors are grouped into a new folder in the Swatches panel. The Search dialogs text, glyphs, or grep now include a choice of Direction for the search, which is handy when you accidentally skip a change and need to go backward in your search.


QR Codes can now be generated automatically during a data merge. When importing a text file, you can declare a QR Code to be generated when a specific field goes into a frame. Adobe also added a few technical improvements.

Issue: Creative Cloud 2014 digital video applications aren't supported on Mac OS 10.7.

The Background Tasks window can now be opened by clicking the progress bar in the Control Panel. Instead, that version is left alone and a new folder is created beside it to contain InDesign CC They weigh in at just under MB each.

creative cloud cc 2014 mac Creative cloud cc 2014 mac
creative cloud cc 2014 mac Creative cloud cc 2014 mac
creative cloud cc 2014 mac Creative cloud cc 2014 mac
creative cloud cc 2014 mac Creative cloud cc 2014 mac
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