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This provides the reader the same sense of security when it comes to dedeecation authenticity as they would have with paperback books. It is significant to note that we can easily prove who the buyer of a particular Dedee copy is. Que signifie "dedeecation"? A dedeecation is simply a dedication made by and with Dedee.

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The word "dedication" is used to indicate a tribute or an homage the author pays to someone in his or her original text i. The use of "dedeecation", however, removes all ambiguity and clearly indicates it's another kind of dedication - one being written in a single copy for a specific reader. How much time would I approximately need to create an ePub dedeecation? Work with Dedee is very quick and simple. Dedee allows you to manage as many templates as you want. If you prepare a collection of templates each takes several minutes to create , when you find yourself in a situation where you have to produce a dedeecation on the spot, you will be able to load one of your templates and customize it in less than a minute.

Can a dedeecation made by Dedee ever be as personal as one in an actual paperback book?

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A digital dedeecation made by Dedee can be even more personal than a dedeecation done on paper! Dedee allows you to be creative with your dedeecation and use not only text but various imagery and symbolism. Does Dedee allow the creation of a dedeecation for a paperback book?

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Since version 1. Depuis la version 1. Why would I dedicate my ebooks? Every dedicated ebook becomes a personal ebook rather than a common one. Dedee allows you to connect to your readers! What are the pre-requisites to using Dedee? Dedee exists in both 32 and bit. Dedee is a standalone executable, without framework, without a virtual machine and without an interpreter — it is reachable by any current processor.

As for the screen resolution requirements, the user will be able to work at a scale of 0. Dedee existe en 32 et bit. Could a Netbook with a smaller screen run Dedee? Dedee is Notebook and Netbook friendly! Does Dedee allow me to choose the place of dedeecation insertion? Yes, Dedee allows you to choose the location of your dedeecation. The dedeecation can be set between two documents, before the first one or after the last one.

The aim is to create licensed authors who can use the program from different machines but always work authentically under their own nom de plume. Can Dedee recover a corrupted ebook e.

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Yes, Dedee creates a backup of the ebook before any modification. Can several authors add their own dedeecations to the same ebook? Yes, which is a very useful option in cases of co-authorship. Is Dedee easy to install? Yes, it's an undemanding process — just a matter of a couple of clicks. Does Dedee enable building complex dedeecations with both text and photos, superposition included?

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Dedee provides the possibility of creating complex dedeecations very easily and quickly, thanks to the notion of templates called "set" in the Dedee vocabulary. Your dedeecation can consist of any kind of visuals, any kind of text and it allows any kind of layout. Dedee allows you to be very creative! Can a dedeecation made with Dedee be easily modified afterwards? Even with text, the text is reformatted into an image during the generation of the dedeecation. Therefore the text cannot be subsequently edited. After all, Dedee is not an ebook editor but a specialized dedeecation program.

Is Dedee linked to an online store? Dedee is not linked to an ebook shop. The human-reader is intended to give the ebook to the author who is going to dedicate it, as it had been done with paper books since the beginning of the time. Does a Dedee dedeecation have to be created by keyboard usage? Dedee just requires a regular computer e. PC or Mac. PC ou Mac.

http://redex.ru/img/pydysas/3935-logiciel-web.php Can I easily uninstall Dedee? As is the case with the installation, Dedee can be uninstalled in a matter of minute and a few simple clicks. What if I change my machine or my operating system? You would have to re-install Dedee and move your data from the old system or a backup to the new one into the right disk location. The problematic scenario happens if you change your OS family as it can result in incompatibilities with Dedee.

How does a Dedee license work? Comment une licence de Dedee marche-t-elle? The user is authorized to dedicate as many ebooks he or she wants under this one author name only. Are Dedee improvements free for users? All Dedee updates e. Dedee deals with both unprotected and protected ePub. The modification done by Dedee is legal since it doesn't break the DRM. Dedee prend en charge les ePub sans et avec protection. What makes Dedee different from ePub editors such as Sigil or Atlantis? Dedee offers more than a standard ePub editor.

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Dedee produces an authenticated image like an original cover. The final product of Dedee is an original image embedded in the document and certified by a specific author. Can Dedee be used with an ebook in Kindle format? Currently not. Actuellement non. Why does Dedee have such a low price if it offers an unlimited number of dedeecations? Will the fonts used in a dedeecation be embedded in the ebook?

Dedee does not incorporate any font. Whatever you do in the dedeecation area, Dedee will transform it into an image. The text will be just pixels and no font is necessary anymore. What happens when my Dedee license expires? Your Dedee license will never expire. Dedee is not a service with subscription, but a product with lifetime license of use. Official Partners Partenaires Officiels. Because of this interview En raison de cette interview. Because of this article En raison de cet article.

They talk about Dedee and show their support. Ils parlent de Dedee et affichent leur soutien.

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