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Remove Advertisement. DarkGarfield Guest Nov 8, Joined Nov 8, Messages 2 Reactions 0 Points 0. You may want to try another game. It could be the game file. Joined Jul 8, Messages 17 Reactions 0 Points 0. I've been trying to get some help on this same exact issue for 2 weeks now, but no one seems to want t elp.

PCSX2/Mac -

Award Winner! Nov 14, Joined Oct 21, Messages 5, Reactions 25 Points Kingdom Hearts is a PS2 game. Joined Feb 20, Messages 23, Reactions 2 Points 0.

Someone change this guys nick name, im kickin him out of the club. No, it definietly didn't. I have never owned a playstation2. IF you are saying that kingdom hearts first came out on playstation 2,that would mean that i should not have been able to ever play it on my normal playstation 1, which i definietly have and are you talking about my nickname? I'm still having this same issue. I have tryed downloading other games, including Harvest Moon: BTN and the same things continue to come up on a black screen.

Step 2: Installation

Oh sorry, didnt mean to break rules and i meant 'trying' or 'playing', i wasnt trying to actually discuss the downloading and haha, okay, watever u say even if there REALLY IS a kingdom hearts for playstation lol. The PSX is not capable of running KH due to the realtime CG scenes used, rather then the large, high quality movies that make up the intro, interlude and ending.

Not to mention that the Game would've been disks long for it to be on the PSX. Nov 15, Joined Feb 10, Messages 1, Reactions 0 Points 0. Can you check the contents of your CD? Missing emulation I think - similar code hang to Syphon Filter 2. OK, tried most of my PS1 games, and the only one that worked was Oddworld - and that didn't really work. There were just a few opening images hitching on the screen.

Opinions about PCSX

I couldn't get to the point of actually playing a game, and if I did, it looks like the performance would have been far, far too poor to actually play it. The 'screen' is just a smallish wind in the center of the actual screen. Good thing a still have a PS 1 floating around here, somewhere.

It not the large grey one - it's the little white one with a detachable screen. Well, I did all that, and things seemed to have gone well. I installed everything according to the instructions provided and found all the instructions said I should, blah blah, blah, blah I bought the Superdrive with it, but am too lazy just now to get up out of bed, find it, plug it in Dig out my PS1 collection Which is pretty good, by the way. I still have about two hundred games left This was back in the mids, so I may be remembering the name wrong I passed on the chance to buy a copy, had no PC then; my new ish Gateway was in storage.

PSX Emulator for OS X 10.7?

Later, I found a copy of it on the Internet - a trial copy with no sound. The image was tiny, and I was no so certain about how the controls worked. Reply 6 years ago on Step 6. Well, I got out my drive and PS1 games. I tried two titles thus far, and both did not work. MK Trilogy did nothing at all, and MoH brought up a window that was blank.

You are not alone.

Anyway, thank for your help - maybe there's something about the MBA that will not allow it to work. It was a great idea, though, and thanks again for your effort. Thanks so much. I've been trying to get something like this installed for months now, and end up getting so much garbage on the net that I end up giving up. But your instructions were clear, and very very helpful. Would you consider doing the same thing with a PS2 emulator? I can confirm it works on Leopard, but I'm not sure if it works on Snow leopard.

I've any problems to play Gran Turismo 2 CD1: the music has not perfect and ; When careless with my machine, it bounces up to when I can not stop. Hi i wanted to ask i downloaded rom files but they are in rar format theres 20 rar files. Reply 8 years ago on Step 6.

List of supported platforms

Been trying to do this forever. Mainly couldn't find a good copy of the BIOS files. Greatly appreciate it, very helpful. Thanks for the great tutorial, very easy. I am running mac Other than that, nothing.

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Secondly, if this is not possible, is there a way to run. ROM files? You can run.

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